After the infamous Avon writing contest, I did almost anything I could to avoid the large sinkhole that’s in the middle of my WIP (Starting this blog might even be an example!). I admire the people who began and finished books, entered NANO, caught on fire. I wasn’t one of them.

I did, however, enter the Court TV search for “the next great crime writer.” Now I don’t watch TV, Court or otherwise, and don’t write crime. So I stuck a dead husband into a plotline that had been kicking around in a little notebook for a while.

I have not as yet been arrested for murdering my husband. I don’t watch any of the CSIs wherever they’re filmed and don’t know ANYTHING about crime procedure. I have written something I cannot Google my way out of.

We’ve all heard “write what you know.” If we did that, our books would probably put us to sleep as we wrote them. So research is vital, and fun too. But it’s also important to write something you feel comfortable with. I know I can’t go into a courtroom or outer space. Give me a Regency drawing room or a suburban house and I just may have a shot at telling the story.

The dead body has got to go.

Do you find you’ve sometimes written yourself or a character into a corner? Where do you do your research to get out?