The London List

Lord Gray's List

Book 1

Captain Durant's Countess

Book 2

Lady Anne's Lover

Book 3

From duchesses to chamber maids, everybody’s reading it. Each Tuesday, The London List appears, filled with gossip and scandal, offering job postings and matches for the lovelorn—and most enticing of all, telling the tales and selling the wares a more modest publication wouldn’t touch.

The London List is a Regency gossip sheet/craigslist, where you can pretty much find anything you want and want to know about. In the first book, LORD GRAY’S LIST, the editor Evangeline Ramsey rediscovers her true love on the front page of the paper. In the second, CAPTAIN DURANT’S COUNTESS, Reyn Durant gets a job offer—and a woman—he can’t refuse. In the last book, LADY ANNE’S LOVER, an earl’s daughter pretends to be a housekeeper and lights her employers heart on fire…as well as burns down his kitchen. All three books have heat, heart and humor—not too different from the Courtesan Court books. Jane Street and her ladies even make a cameo in LORD GRAY’S LIST.