The Cotswold Confidential Series

Schooling the Viscount

Book 1

Seducing Mr. Sykes

Book 2

Redeeming Lord Ryder

Book 3

A step back in time. A step away from bad behavior.

Tucked away in the middle of nowhere, a tiny Gloucestershire village holds society’s deepest secrets. There is no signage leading to the place, and only the most through of maps lists its location. It is the Resort of Last Resort, without the foul-tasting mineral water and deep tissue massages.

The original “celebrity rehab” center was founded in 1806. Rumor has it than exchange for an unknown sum, the village agreed to be the repository for the rebellious sons and daughters of Great Britain’s finest families. Rakish young men and wayward young women are forced under house-arrest to eat healthy food, live humbly, and give up their excesses. A quiet month in the country is the prescription, a last chance to reform and focus on their futures.

But sometimes twenty-eight days isn’t quite enough…