The Courtesan Court

Mistress by Mistake

Book 1

Mistress by Midnight

Book 2

Mistress by Marriage

Book 3

Master of Sin

Book 4

There are no plain Janes on Jane Street. It’s the exclusive enclave of twelve erotically exotic women. Just a dozen jewel-box houses, each one holds a rich man’s mistress. Deeds to these properties are difficult to come by, passing only through death, deals, and perhaps a dirty trick or two. Known by those in the ton as “Courtesan Court,” three very unlikely women find themselves installed there most unwillingly.

MISTRESS BY MISTAKE pits spinster Charlotte Fallon against Sir Michael Xavier Bayard, who may be named for two saints but is the Devil himself. Left on Jane Street by her sister Deborah to explain why Deb took her new protector’s money without performing her mistressly duties, Charlotte gets a wake-up call she didn’t bargain for. But now that Bay’s in bed with the other “Fallen Fallon” sister, he finds the wrong woman is just right.

In MISTRESS BY MIDNIGHT, Desmond Ryland, Marquess of Conover has moved heaven and earth to reunite with his childhood love, only to be rebuffed for his honorable marriage proposal. Con’s dishonorable desire to have Laurette Vincent any way he can get her leads him to blackmail her to become his mistress. He’s sure if he can bed her again, she’ll eventually wed him. And if he can engage the services of his son and their daughter, all the better to convince Laurette they were meant to be a family at last.

MISTRESS BY MARRIAGE‘s Lady Caroline Christie has been separated from her husband Edward for five years. Bad enough he bought her a house on Jane Street to let the world know what he thinks of her, but now he’s decided while they wait for their scandalous divorce that he wants to resume his marital rights. Caroline needs a lot of persuasion, but cool, calculating Edward is the perfect man for the job. Who says a man can’t seduce his wife and live to tell the tale?

In the fourth and final novel, MASTER OF SIN, an expert in the art of pleasure tries to reform himself but finds one woman impossible to resist.