I spent much of my time at Washington Elementary School and Hempstead High School outlining things. Roman numerals, capital letters, numbers, lower case letters—everything orderly and organized (and let’s not even think about the sentence diagramming).

When it comes time to plot my writing, I wish I could travel back in time when everything had its place and space. There’s always a vague idea of how to get to the HEA, but few specifics. When all the pistons are firing and the fingers are flying, it’s great. It’s not so hot when they’re not.

So, I’m a pantser with a desperate need of an outline. I’m short about 25,000 words, unevenly distributed in the middle of my masterpiece. I invested in a cute red Notetote for my handbag so I can scribble down scenarios as they may come. It’s still in pristine condition.

Are you a planner or waiting for the muse? If it’s the latter, send her to my house when you’re done.