We had planned to go to Key West this week, but Mother Nature and the Portland Jetport did not cooperate. So I’m not conked out in the warm sunshine, but zonked out in the slush, wind and freezing rain of Maine. We tried to rebook. Who would think you’d get charged an extra $680 for trying to fly to Miami instead of FARTHER to Key West? Airline logic. But at some point we’ll be using those tickets. In the meantime, I’ll reminisce.

I love the Keys, did even before I had family living in the area. I’m not sure why. My husband and I are fairly low-key (hah!) people, so we’re not apt to march masked and feathered for Fantasy Fest, don leather and ride motorcycles, or do the Duval Crawl (so many bars, so little time)… and I’m certainly not going to flash my ta-tas in a T-shirt shop to get a discount. But there’s something about going over the Seven Mile Bridge, surrounded by endless turquoise water, which is magical. I’ve even chosen the Keys as the setting of a future book, so I’ll be doing “research” on the ground, not online.

Some years ago we made arrangements on the Internet for a short trip to Florida to surprise our son. We called him on our cellphone, then knocked on the door. It was funny to hear him say, “Hang on a minute, someone’s outside.” The look on his face when he saw us standing in his front yard was priceless.

But the surprise turned out to be on us. My husband had inadvertently booked us into a gay hotel with a clothing optional—very optional—pool. I can safely say I have never seen so many dangly bits in one place in all my life. John spent the vacation in the hotel room watching TV and I kept my eyes closed and my bathing suit on trying to get a tan.

What’s your favorite destination? Where would you like to go that you haven’t been to yet? How did you decide on the location for your books? Anybody have any funny travel stories? Talk amongst yourselves.

Newsflash! We’re flying from Manchester, New Hampshire to Fort Lauderdale Wednesday morning, and actually getting a refund of $55. I still can’t comprehend airline logic but I’m not arguing. I’ll be driving over the Seven Mile Bridge soon. Yay!