Maggie Robinson

Jun 17
The Deep End

Yes. It’s official. I’ve jumped.

Into the Paranormal Pool.

Just for fun I’ve submitted to Samhain’s On the Prowl category, which features shape-shifting cats.

Stop laughing right now. You remind me of my kids.

I find the idea very appealing—they’ve told me the concept they want and determined the 20,000-30,000 word count. I, who frequently get verrrry stuck around 60,000 words (as I am right now in Paradise), am delighted by this.

I’ve already written a slew of novellas. In a future blog, I’m going to condense them into one-sentence blurbs and you can be stunned by my range as a writer and snicker all you want. Not for nothing is my alterna-blog Begin As You Mean To Go On subtitled “prologues and first chapters from a genre- confused writer.” Unfortunately, I couldn’t see my way clear to inserting shape-shifting cats into anything I’ve already written without wanting to cough up a fur ball.

Now before you think I’m going to drown in the Paranormal Pool, let it be known that in my genre-bending book Third-Rate Romance, I do a little vampire riff. Here’s a snippet:

Lucien stirred, his sleep disturbed. A noise below. Not the scrabbling of the manor mice. A human noise.

His hunger. It overwhelmed him. The housekeeper would have left him something in the larder. Someone else better not be eating it.

He flung the tapestry counterpane from his bed. The moon had already risen beyond the window, orange as a Tangier melon. But it had been years since he left his country estate. His life was bound here, tied in knots as intricate as a spider’s web.

Lucien belted his velvet robe over his lean, naked body. He padded barefoot down the stairs, not feeling the chill of the worn stones. The only thing he knew was the hunger, nearly painful in its intensity.

The noise again. A rustle. A thud. A soft curse.

His body vanished against the wall, the shadows in his kitchen elongated by a single taper. All of Lucien’s senses were on full alert. He frowned, concentrating on the candle. It flickered once and extinguished.


The voice was young, female. Ripe. She smelled fresh, like apples. But she was hungry, too. A state she was not used to, for Lucien could nearly touch the soft swelling of well-nourished flesh beneath her woolen cloak. Delicious.

So, cats, vampires, they’ve all got teeth, right?

What’s your very favorite genre to read or write? Have you ever tried something that is completely outside your area of expertise? I’m still trying to find where my area of expertise is. I seem to have misplaced it.

15 comments to “The Deep End”

  1. Ericka Scott
     · June 18th, 2007 at 1:16 am · Link

    Maggie’s on the prowl! Roar!

    I know I “tried on” a romance novella and I don’t think I’m ever going back. Right now. . .I’m working on Vamps.

    Good luck with CATS!

  2. anne
     · June 18th, 2007 at 4:26 am · Link

    Maggie, you could make the phone book and drying paint fun to read!

    I’ve never tried para. I’ve got a contemp and a Regency cooking in their respective blogs, but I’ve yet to try something that features non- or un-humans, LOL.

    Good luck with the kitties!

  3. MsHellion
     · June 18th, 2007 at 10:21 am · Link

    I could run your blog with you, Maggie. I have prologues and first chapters to…well, a LOT of things.

    I have to date:

    A cowboy story
    A pre-Revolutionary war story
    A 1314-Scotland story (this one is way out of my league with massive research required)
    A Regency (3 if I turn the current premise into a trilogy like I toyed with)

    Adam & Eve
    Lucy’s story
    Gabby’s story
    The Highlander paranormal
    The 7 Brides paranormal
    The 1776 contemporary/movie paranormal with the Orlando Bloom lookalike

    Oscar winner & “ass filler” contemporary
    Heroine pregnant with her ex-boyfriend’s baby, but ends up marrying her roommate
    The Julia & Sean story
    The sequel to Julia & Sean (with her friend Anne)

    I’m pretty sure I have more…but I haven’t got my current “list” before me

  4. terrio
     · June 18th, 2007 at 10:50 am · Link

    I know I keep telling you but Maggs you really are an inspiration. If only I had an ounce of your talent. I’m just trying to write my first full book and I have a novella brewing that would be a romantic comedy centered around Valentine’s Day.

    I can’t imagine trying para or historical but I’m trying to keep an open mind. And I would never thought of shapshifters turning into cats since I don’t read any para. The premise sounds purrfect. LOL! Sorry, bad taste.

    Now please get back to Paradise. I’m dying for that one!

  5. Maggie Robinson
     · June 18th, 2007 at 1:05 pm · Link

    Ericka, I think I write short better anyway. Even my individual scenes are too short, LOL. If I were smart I’d sex up the stuff I wrote before I finished the 3 “real” books and submit them somewhere. E-pub has so many short formats that are perfect, right?

    Anne,thanks! Good luck with your “cooking.” When’s the timer going off? How far along are you?

    Hellion, I guess I could be your mother since we share the same affliction. I prefer to think that we’re just so damn creative we can’t possibly stick to one plain old boring thing. 🙂

    Terrio, stop. First of all, you’ve shot right out of the block since last fall. You belong to RWA. You are going to conferences. You are a writer! It’s taken me almost four years and I still don’t know what I’m doing. And don’t worry. I’ve worked on Paradise today!

  6. anne
     · June 18th, 2007 at 4:00 pm · Link

    LOL, Maggie! My glorified hors d’oeuvres are Nightingale Time, at, and The Domino Effect, at Both WIPs were impelled by a conversation on Candice Hern’s discussion board

    I also have Regency-related research blogs, if you need a quick reference: The Regency Musical Timeline, and Really Regency, Enjoy!

  7. Maggie Robinson
     · June 18th, 2007 at 4:44 pm · Link

    Anne, I feel smarter already—am linking to your sites…and I love both of your entrees!

  8. Sara Lindsey
     · June 18th, 2007 at 8:13 pm · Link

    I can do Vamps, but for some reason I have trouble with animal shape-shifters. Maybe it’s because I don’t like really hairy men?

    After Ericka’s comment, though, it’s tempting to do something with the musical CATS… oh, the pandemonium backstage!

    I’d like to try writing contemp and YA, but I’ve got so many ideas and plots for historicals, who knows when I’ll ever get there…

  9. anne
     · June 18th, 2007 at 8:59 pm · Link

    Oh! Thank you, Maggie! Please do “yell” if you have any questions about the stories or the other sites, or if you have any requests for entries on RMT or RR. Like the WIPs, they’re continually expaaaaaanding!

    Sara Lindsay, I’m giggling over your remark about hairy men! Have you noticed that, the furrier the legs, the greater the probability that they’re in shorts? We’re not in the heat of summer yet, but already I’ve seen too many manly limbs in need of a good mowing!

  10. terrio
     · June 18th, 2007 at 11:00 pm · Link


    That reminds me of a woman I used to work with. She once told me her husband was so hairy she had to vacuum the sheets.


  11. Janga
     · June 18th, 2007 at 11:19 pm · Link

    Well, I write academic articles and poems as well as working on my contemporary, I don’t know if those count though. The only time I tried historical (before the first FanLit stage), I got caught up in researching names for my Scots and missed the submission deadline. I took the too late submission as a sign that I was never intended to write historicals.

  12. Tessa Dare
     · June 18th, 2007 at 11:40 pm · Link

    Maggie, you are an inspiration! I don’t know how you just decide to write a shapeshifter novella and knock it out in a week! Amazing.

    Can’t wait to read it. Rrrow!

  13. RevMelinda
     · June 18th, 2007 at 11:42 pm · Link

    I wrote a paranormal in high school with my best friend. We lived in different states so we took turns writing chapters and mailing them back and forth to each other (all in longhand. . .) Nowadays it would have been called a fanfic.

    The plot: two young American women (alter egos of me and my best friend)are visiting London. They go to a theatre to attend a special filming of a rock concert.

    ::::::TIME SHIFTS!!!!!

    Suddenly the two women are in. . . 1964! They’re in the same theatre but the band they’re watching is. . . THE BEATLES!!!

    Reader, we married them. Eventually.

    (I got George, she got Paul. Ringo was the comic relief. John made witty ironic comments)

  14. Maggie Robinson
     · June 19th, 2007 at 4:32 am · Link

    Tessa, the answer’s simple…I really haven’t talked to my husband, the house is a wreck, and I’m on vacation! And now after submitting it, know just where the mistakes are…

    Janga, I bet anything you’d write is fabulous, altho your voice is so suited to your southern contemp. More more more.

    Sara and Terrio and Anne, ixnay on the excessive hair! And Sara, you’re so young you’ll have all the time in the world for everything.

    Revm, George?? Really?? We could debate the favorite Beatle thing forever…can I just say I actually broke up with a guy because he didn’t like the Beatles or the Rolling Stones? I am soooo shallow.

  15. terrio
     · June 19th, 2007 at 9:44 am · Link

    Everyone knows Paul was the cutest Beatle. George? As if…..