…of freedom. The summer season will end officially for me on Monday, August 27 when I sit in the high school auditorium and listen to a bunch of people who probably don’t want to be there either. I got the agenda in the mail the other day, and my school e-mail account is filling up with rules and regs for the new school year. Boo.

I shouldn’t whine. I had a great summer with plenty of days in the sunshine and in the gloom of my writing room. I finished two novellas and worked quite a bit on Paradise. Entered two writing contests. Got a clean bill of health from my doctor. Joined RWA. Bought cute sandals. Got a fabulous rejection letter. My husband and I went on two trips, and we will spend Labor Day weekend at Daughter # 2’s, where we will see Daughter #3, drink, eat lobster and dip in the pool and hot tub. Ah, the good life.

Like most people who work in a school system, I think of the new year starting in September rather than January, so it’s time for some resolutions. #1 on my list is to finish Paradise by December. Totally doable—only 20,000 words to go. Next on the agenda? After the dreaded synopsis and query letter, that is. This is where I need your help. Should I sleep with someone new? Pull the guy out from under the bed and work him over? Pick up the short guy and a couple of others and have a ménage a trois?

Just don’t tell my husband.

What was the highlight of your summer? What’s lined up for your school year?

As imperceptibly as Grief
The Summer lapsed away~Emily Dickinson