There are lots of articles regarding how difficult it is to write good sex scenes. Those of us who try to write know how true this is. My youngest daughter, the brat, used to work in a store where the employees would take turns reading “the good parts” aloud to each other when there was a lull. They’d snort and snicker in superiority, too young to appreciate they were still limber enough that any inane position they were mocking was still technically possible for them.

I came across the following. No author or title…I’m trying to protect the not-so-innocent.

“With unerring accuracy, he speared her humid depths in a single powerful thrust.”

This is wrong on so many levels. I’m thinking targets, forks, weather, rockets.

Contest!!! Please feel free to add a howler for our amusement from anything you are currently reading/have read. Or, write something bad yourself. Just one sentence, please. Oh, okay, more if you must. I’ll even add this authentic gem from my own writing:

“He entered her with no further preamble.”

Preamble! I hope his constitution was strong.

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