Hey. I’m a classy broad. I’ve lost count of the number of twin sets I own. Plaid skirts hang in my closet, and I wear them with flats. My blond bob is many decades old. I have two strands of cultured pearls, one from eighth grade graduation. I nearly have an orgasm when the L.L. Bean catalog comes. In my eternal quest for the classic, I even chose the “classical” incision for my unplanned C-section, not realizing then the “bikini” cut was the way to go even if my bikini days were over.

I have flirted with other styles, but find comfort in the clothes I’ve been wearing all my life. Give me a turtleneck sweater, some penny loafers and a pair of jeans and I am a happy if not stylish woman. But lest you think I’m totally boring, I like funky, chunky hippie jewelry to jazz up my Town and Country self.

You may not be able to tell the book from its cover, about best elliptical trainer for low ceilings but clothes announce to the world how we want to be seen. Writers use clothing to telegraph the character of their characters. Who doesn’t know exactly what J.R. Ward’s leather-clad vampires are all about? In Kasey Michael’s The Secrets of the Heart, Baron Christian St. Clair uses his outré outfits to conceal his serious side. Here’s a passage from Shana Abe’s Georgian-set The Dream Thief:

He wore ebony when everyone else was done up in pastel flowers. His wig was a simple tye when all the other men sported curls upon curls.

We know immediately that Zane is simply dressed and simply elegant.

What are your characters wearing? When you think of a style icon, who do you see? What makes you feel classy?

A dress makes no sense unless it inspires men to want to take it off you. ~Françoise Sagan