This week’s US magazine caught my eye because of the shameless exploitation of poor Britney’s poor toddlers, but it was worth the purchase price. I read “US Picks the 20 Most Romantic DVDs.” I am such a sucker for lists, and I was curious to see if I had been swept away in a swoon by the magazine’s choices. I’ve seen most of the movies mentioned and bits of others channel-surfing; the ones I haven’t will probably remain unwatched. How about you? Any romantic movies to add to the list?

1. Four Weddings and a Funeral (Seen it a million times. Would watch it a million more.)
2. Pretty Woman (Yes. Love the Rodeo Drive comeuppance scene.)
3. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (Sorry, no and probably never.)
4. Casablanca (From the time I was at my mother’s knee. A guilty repeated pleasure.)
5. Dirty Dancing (My girls and I can recite whole chunks of dialog. Nobody puts Baby in a corner.)
6. Moonstruck (Yes, but wouldn’t really want to see it again. Not a fan of Nicolas Cage, although I liked Cher saying, “Get over it!”)
7. Jerry Maguire (Yes. And I don’t like Tom Cruise, but I’d probably watch it again if I had to.)
8. Annie Hall (Yes, but no interest in seeing it again.)
9. Sleepless in Seattle (Oh, yes. Love it every time. So sweet. Love Meg Ryan’s apartment.)
10. The Notebook (I confess I haven’t seen every minute, but I sure cried enough anyway. Even my manly husband was moved.)
11. Before Sunrise/Before Sunset (Snippets only. And the snack does not make me crave the full meal)
12. Out of Sight (Snippets. I’d watch it all if I came across it. Yum. George.)
13. Pride & Prejudice (The new one. Loved it.)
14. Ghost (Pass the Kleenex. A staple of my girls’ youth.)
15. A Room with a View (Strangely, I don’t believe I saw this. 1985 must have been a busy year.)
16. Notting Hill (Love it. One of my favorite movies ever. Horse and Hound. Snicker.)
17. The Way We Were (Yes. Why, why, why couldn’t they work it out?)
18. Finding Neverland (No. Don’t beat me, but Johnny Depp leaves me completely cold. Sorry, Hellion.)
19. Say Anything (Yes. I’d like to see it again, too.)
20. Knocked Up (No, not yet.)

True love stories never have endings. ~Richard Bach