People study fairy tales in college, write erudite books on their psychological implications, compare cultural similarities among fables and folktales, etc. I don’t know enough about any of that stuff, because I never gave the whole fairy tale situation much thought. I mean, as a kid I read them, saw the movies. But when Ely sent me the above cartoon a while back, I thought it might make for an interesting discussion and October’s contest!

Lots of fiction is based on classic fairy tale themes. I like the Cinderella idea so much I actually named one of my heroines Cynthia Elling, gave her two nasty stepsisters and a vile stepmother and hooked her up with Sir Harry Chalmers in the first book I ever finished, Bride by Midnight. Midnight, get it? Subtlety is apparently not my middle name. I guess the whole idea of rescue and transformation appeals to me, although Cynthia and Harry actually rescue and transform each other.

What’s your favorite fairy tale? Why do you think they’re so enduring? Do you approve of the Disneyfication of them? Which contemporary author writes the best new twist on an old tale? One commenter wins a happily-ever-after romance and other fun stuff! Winner picked and a new post on Thursday, October 11.

Fairy tales can come true,
it can happen to you
if you’re young at heart.
For its hard, you will find,
to be narrow of mind
if you’re young at heart
(in the words of Leigh/Richards…sung by Frank…almost believed by me)