The other day as I was waiting for something to heat in the microwave, I decided to see if I could put my make-up on in the 2 minutes and 36 seconds I had before the ding. Now, my beauty routine, such as it is, is pretty simple: I curl my eyelashes, draw a smudgy brown line under my eyes, apply mascara, blush (when the tan fades) and lipstick. I was done with time to spare. It makes me laugh when I remember walking the mile to high school with my hair in rollers so my hair wouldn’t “fall,” and slapping more make-up on once I got there. We’re talking foundation, under-eye concealer, blush, powder, two-toned eye shadow, liquid eye-liner, frosted lipstick, etc. Holy Hooker, Batman.

Now I wake up early every day and putter around on the computer, but when it’s time to get my derriere in gear, I shower/dress and am out the door in about half an hour. I need the “wake-up” time, though, the luxury of those hours before I have to actually speak coherent sentences and perform proficiently at work. Sometimes I get quite a lot of writing done, sometimes I’m just blog-hopping. Maybe I should be sleeping later, but I treasure the alone time I have between when my husband leaves for work (around 6:30 AM) and when I do (10:00 AM). As an only child, I don’t get lonely. After raising four kids and trying to tame a husband, the house is blessedly, blissfully quiet every morning. And I’m not going to break the spell by vacuuming.

When is “your” time? Do you fritter it away like I do, or fill each hour with purpose?

Day, n. A period of twenty-four hours, mostly misspent. ~Ambrose Bierce

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