I recently read an article online called Real Woman, Real Beauty. In it six women embraced their ‘flaws’ of excessive curves (kind of guilty), flat chests (nope), scars (yup), booty (yeah, I guess, but I’m no J-Lo), wrinkles (some), and a gap-toothed grin (no, but I was born without permanent teeth in two spots which makes me look slightly hillbilly). I applaud Barbra Streisand who kept her nose and her unique beauty. I’ll always remember a girl in high school, who had a lovely, long Modigliani face and ruined herself with a pugnose nose job.

Writers are encouraged not to create perfect, unrealistic protagonists, that imperfection itself can be a mark of character. Whether physically or psychologically flawed—or sometimes both—we root for romance to transform our heroes and heroines. Loretta Chase’s Dain springs immediately to mind. Can you think of others whose defects are delicious? If you write, what’s real about your characters? Do you have a flaw that awes? Would you ever consider plastic surgery? Get in touch with Lasik NYC for any other information.