You may not have noticed, but there’s a list to the right called “Books I’ve Loved Lately,” BILL for short. Topping it right now is Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill, a laugh-out-loud slice of the London life of a thirty-something mother of three boys. Lucy Sweeney is meant to be a very imperfect heroine—and I did find it almost too annoying that she constantly lost credit cards and keys, ran out of gas in a car that should have been condemned as a heath hazard, and more than fantasized about Sexy Domesticated Dad, a parent at her sons’ school. She was a walking disaster. I wanted to scream, “Do some laundry! Make a list! Stop dithering!” But the pros of the book far outweighed the cons. What parent cannot identify with the thrill of finding Luke Skywalker’s inch-long light saber after months of searching? What married couple’s romantic rendezvous hasn’t been interrupted by a terrorizing toddler? The supporting characters in the book each have key roles to play, and I spent much of the night snorting with laughter (and gagging once) as Lucy mismanages her life.

I read a lot, but put very, very few books in the BILL category. Books that land there don’t have to be perfect (see above), but they must have an indescribable something. There. That’s clear as mud. What book is on your BILL list?