I eat off the most popular china pattern in the world: Blue Willow. I’ve always loved the rich color and elaborate design, and knew there was a famous legend depicted. Now that I know exactly what it is, my appetite may never be the same.

There are a couple of versions, but basically, a young noblewoman and her father’s secretary fall in love and run off together. Eventually they are found and roasted alive in a fire. Somehow they get turned into birds, which is supposed to make everything all right. I don’t think so. I’ve always been annoyed with Romeo and Juliet, and this is just more of the same doomed love crap.

When I was younger, I enjoyed star-crossed lovers, Heathcliff pining for Cathy, et al. I carried a torch for a lost love for years until my husband charmed the pants off me. Oh, you know what I mean. Now I want that guaranteed happily-ever-after in my books and movies. No Anna Karenina throwing herself under the train or Edna wading into the water in The Awakening. No suffering. No way.What’s the story on your china? What unhappily-ever-after book has stuck with you?