I know I do go on about not watching much TV, but a while ago I broke my rule and caught four back-to-back episodes of Samantha Who? This show has been getting tons of buzz and recommendations. I’ve liked Christina Applegate ever since Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead so I gave it a shot. And I enjoyed it. Probably not enough to put down a book or rearrange my life to watch it faithfully, but it has a certain charm. And an interesting premise. Samantha, a b*tch extraordinaire, has had an accident which has wiped out her memory. She finds out a little about her past in each episode and doesn’t much like who she used to be. Her steps to redeem herself are rather endearing. And her parents are a hoot.

In romance novels, the amnesia plot gets a pretty good work-out. There are only so many basic plot devices (marriage of convenience, reforming the rake, woman in danger, etc.). We’ll read a familiar plot if the hero and heroine seem fresh. Like unpeeling an onion, as we read their layers are revealed. Characters must grow and change, turn themselves inside out. Some are more appealing than others, depending on the writer’s skill and the reader’s own history. An author gets the chance to play god/dess and the reader can send the hero and heroine to the devil, or up against the wall, or onto the keeper shelf. The reader’s perception is reality.

If you, like Samantha, had the opportunity to correct a past mistake, what would it be?

Maybe all one can do is hope to end up with the right regrets. ~Arthur Miller

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