Once upon a time, Vauxhall Gardens was the place to go for music, wafer-thin ham…and stolen kisses along the Dark Walk. Vauxhall and its entertainment are front and center in many historical novels. And now, some new history is being made! The Vauxhall Vixens have arrived to share our variety of voices with you. We’re a group of writers determined to find pleasure and publication. Come join us in our journey. We’re still getting dressed backstage, but we’d love to have you stop by.

And because I am certainly certifiable, you will still find me blogging here at MRMR and on Sundays at Romantic Inks. Because I’m blog-bewitched, my next post here will be the 100th! Who knew I had 100 ideas? Please come to my virtual party. You know there will be fun and prizes. See you soon!