One hundred bottles of beer on the wall—no, wait. This is my 100th blog, so let’s go with bottles of champagne. I’ve worked in elementary schools where they celebrate the hundredth day of school. Kids bring in 100 pennies, 100 pieces of macaroni, 100 Legos. You get the idea. What are you bringing to my Virtual 100th Blog Party? Note the capital letters. This is a big deal to me, considering I was so clueless about blogs I named this one completely by mistake and I’m stuck with it now.

Remember, a hundred bucks just doesn’t buy what it used to. A hundred heroes would be excessive and probably put my back out (and John wouldn’t like it). Of course, you may bring me 100 somethings and 100 somethingelses. The more presents I receive, the better your chances to win a fabulous, or at least free, prize! I want Pandora to be jealous. She only got one box.

A hundred hearts would be too few

To carry all my love for you.~Author Unknown

Thanks for sticking with me one hundred times! Check back February 12 to see who wins and for some early Valentine fun. Don’t miss the official ascension into the blogosphere of Vauxhall Vixens on February 5 and my own debut post there on February 7.