You’d think being a romance writer I’d love Valentine’s Day. You’d think wrong. Red roses and heart-shaped boxes of candy kind of bore me. Of course, once my husband got creative and gave me a table for the cellar so I could fold laundry. That wasn’t a great Valentine’s present either. He’s since been instructed that anything practical or electrical is verboten.

I still get flashbacks from elementary school Valentine’s parties. We’d decorate our own boxes and then count up how many cards we got. It was the end of the world if you didn’t get the right number, or a card from your crush. Nowadays I’m sure kids are instructed to hand out Valentines to every single person in the class, if they are permitted to celebrate at all. I worked in an elementary school where the principal said you couldn’t have a party unless you made a rubric showing what you expected the kids to learn from it. Seriously. Uh—arranged plate with precision? Didn’t spill punch? Laughed when appropriate?

For some unromantic Valentine’s fun, visit this anagram site. You too can wish someone a Happy Valentine’s Day is a unique way. Heavenly Tipsy Panda! Nipple Savant Heyday! Dainty Heavens Apply! And my favorite: Apathy and Pensively.

Do you have any sweet Valentine stories? I’ll take sour ones, too. Any fun anagrams?

Congratulations to my Virtual 100th Blog Party guest Marnee Jo! E-mail me your address ( to get your party favor! Thank you 100 times to each of you for gracing me with your presence and not spilling your punch. You all get an A+.