Okay, so I’m a crusty curmudgeon when it comes to technology. I learned to type (such as I do—it’s the old hunt and peck method with about four fingers) on an old Royal upright typewriter whose “e” key stuck. I didn’t get an electric typewriter until college. Fifteen years ago I had to get my kids to help me turn on the computer when it was time for me to send out the minutes from the hospital auxiliary board I was recording secretary for. I still don’t know half the functions of my Word program. Are you getting the picture? I’m clueless. A woman of a certain age. But not dead. Thus I’m now on Myspace and Facebook after much professional prompting and the sudden flurry of writing friends. See the Cyberspace Spots link on the sidebar.

I know all about the networking, blah blah blah. I confess I don’t really like either face-space. Pop-ups and ads are excruciatingly annoying. It’s hard to define yourself by favorite movies, inspirational quotes and who you’re tossing Mardi gras beads to. My kids are horrified I might read their pages. Two of my daughters helped enhance my Myspace page anyway the other day, hating the boring floral wallpaper I picked and the cello music—but hey, I used to hang boring floral wallpaper. I used to play the cello. If I’m branding myself, I’m just a boring flower-loving ex-cello player who happens to write romance novels. And I’m way cuter than the lady above.

I find my blog-hopping and blog-writing (Three? Who thought that was a good idea?) time-consuming enough without further diversion. So right now I’m not sending any invitations. However, I’m accepting them (and so are the Vauxhall Vixens), so let me put up your little avatar. But don’t hug me or poke me or otherwise try to find out my favorite Johnny Depp movie because (lowers voice so Hellion can’t hear) I haven’t liked Johnny Depp since 21 Jump Street. I told you I was old.

Are you a little lemming like me? Any tips for networking? Do check out the fabulous slide show and musical program Ely put up on V V’s Myspace page—get a luscious Vixen fix!

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