Spy satellites have revealed the remains of ancient Mayan ruins from outer space. Archaeologists are now excavating buildings, murals, precious remnants of a dead civilization.

I feel much like an archaeologist myself. I’m still chopping vines and swatting bugs as I revise the jungle that is Waking Beauty. Right now, I find little beauty in the process. Underneath the detritus are good bones, but I really need my own spy satellite to unearth the best stuff. Sometimes I think it would have been easier to construct a brand new pyramid. *g*

I am actually unwriting, since the editor has requested a much shorter manuscript. I’ve killed off countless characters and scenes—over 25,000 words and I haven’t shed a tear. By far the most fun I’ve had is with the “find” search of Word. I typed in “ly”—and lo and behold, about 25,000 adverbs popped up. I’m exaggerating slightly. See, I’m still adverb-prone.

It’s taken almost four weeks from the time I won the contest to where I am now—which is almost finished. There’s a ream of paper, a new ink cartridge and a priority mail envelope ready. Then we’ll see if WB is ready…or rejected.

Aside from adverbs, I forbid myself to ever type the word “blush” again. What’s your bad writing habit? What drives you crazy when you read?

I try to leave out the parts that people skip. ~Elmore Leonard