Yes, I do know how to spell “done.” This is a tribute to my youngest daughter who, when she graduated from college Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude, taped those three letters to her mortarboard with masking tape. It was her birthday the other day, and she’s never far from my thoughts. None of my kids are. Here they are (#1 son is missing), so nobody gets jealous. The birthday girl is on the right.

But I wanted to say that Waking Beauty is all boxed and ready to go. It went from a 93,000 word mess to a sleek 67,000 word manuscript. Whatever happens, it was worth the month of revision. And while I’m at it, Paradise is getting its turn next. I was somewhere in the middle of revising it when I had to whip WB into shape, and the difference in my writing style and content could not be more different. My only hope is that when I’m finished, I’ll still remember how to write new stuff. There are a whole bunch of starts on Begin As You Mean To Go On (Goon, for short) that are clamoring for those sultry, significant words The End.

So I guess I’m not really d-u-n. But I am trying to stick to one and get it done. How about you? Do you have more than one work in progress? Do you read more than one book at a time? Do you give yourself permission to walk away from writing for a while, or stop reading altogether?