Jo Beverley is guest-blogging at Romantic Inks all this week. She doesn’t know it, but she and a handful of writers are pretty much the reason I started reading (and writing) romance again after a twenty-odd-year sabbatical. I missed all the bodice-rippers of the eighties and nineties because I was raising my own little hellions. I still read, of course. What sort of self-respecting English major would I be if I had not? But it was mostly best-sellers (and I could not for the life of me understand why they sold best), magazines, mysteries, the back of cereal boxes, Where the Wild Things Are. I knew where the wild things were—across the table eating Frosted Flakes.

So I have Jo to thank (or blame) for sucking me into romance. My last post (which you may still comment on below to tell me who’s new to you) dealt with new favorites. Here’s a chance for you to praise your old favorites (and by old, I’m not talking about chronological age, just authors you’ve loved for years). Don’t forget to visit RI—Jo is bound to be far more witty and informative than I will ever be. Fangirl gush is over!