It occurs to me as I blog in three (!!!) different places, that some day I might run out of words. I think about the four full manuscripts I’ve completed, and the dozen or so novellas that have yet to find a happy published home. It’s probably my fault, since I haven’t been terribly aggressive or organized about querying or craft, or consistent in any one genre. Nor have I entered many contests. My luck with the first one I entered (first place!!!) has made me not want to jinx anything.
I recently broke down though and entered Mistress by Midnight in something. Mind you, the book is unfinished and has no plot to speak of, just a lot of angsty, thwarted desire and a generous dollop of indoor and outdoor sex. I want to get it finished by this year’s Golden Heart. My last foray into Golden Heartdom resulted in scores of a 9, an 8.8, an 8.5, a 6….and a 2. Someone did not like Third-Rate Romance, LOL. Which just goes to show how very subjective reading, writing and publishing is. But one judge liked TRR enough to give it a perfect score. That’s the judge I’ll concentrate on when I’m muddling through the mucky middle of MBM wondering what to type next.

But aiming for the Golden Heart presumes I’ll still be uncontracted by November. This summer will mark five years of haphazard writing for me. Those five years include four moves and three job changes. If it sounds like I’m making excuses, I’m not. I’m pretty stunned I’ve written as much as I have, even if you wouldn’t want to read most of it. *g*
Five years seems like a long time. I’ve avoided thinking about how long. But I want to someday see “Maggie Robinson sold the ___th of ______ completed manuscripts. She has been writing for _____years.”

And then? Why, I’ll have to write another book! What if I’ve used up all my words by then, or lost all my marbles? I’ve decided to cut back my MRMR posts to once a week. Maggie Robinson Means Romance on Mondays, with the possible exception of something earth-shattering to share, like fellow Vixen J.K. Coi’s debut My Immortal on May 15 (Check out the dynamite review she got here ). Every now and again there will be a contest. I’ll still post Sundays on Romantic Inks and every two weeks on Vauxhall Vixens. That’s plenty of Maggie, plenty of meaning, and I’ll have more time to focus on the romance part.

I filled out a questionnaire the other day so I could win a bundle of books. One of the questions was, “How many hours do you spend online every day?” I lied and said 1-2 hours. I feel like an alcoholic looking for my next bottle of blue ruin already, but I’ve GOT to limit my online obsession. It’s time to go on an Internet diet. Let’s see how long I last!

Now, if I could just lose twenty pounds, things would be perfect. What do you give up in order to find the time to write, or lose the extra weight? has the Dr Oz weight loss guide, has anyone read that? Any suggestions as to how I can avoid clicking on to Internet Explorer 1,000 times a day? Do I need to join a 12-step addiction program or where to buy quest bars? Will you be sitting next to me in the church basement?