A couple of weeks ago, I decided to poach eggs. I used to have a fancy pan with little wells for the eggs, but now I just boil up water in a no-stick frying pan and drop them in. When I cracked an egg on the edge of the pan, quite a lot of the white slipped down the side and soon I had a merry little fire on the burner. I stared at it stupidly for some time until I grabbed the Morton’s Salt from the cupboard and doused the flames. I do have a fire extinguisher, but that seemed like overkill. And that cute guy to the left was not available. He must have been looking for his shirt.

This little Sunday morning adventure (see, if I had only gone to church I would not have been cooking) reminded me of the luck of life. If things had not gone the right way, there would have been more damage, or even disaster. It doesn’t take long for things to go wrong— now I’m beginning to sound like an insurance commercial. But I started to think of all the luck I’ve had, and the disasters avoided. I thanked God, and am considering He just doesn’t want me to cook anymore, which certainly works for me. It would be a blessing, in fact.

So much in publishing depends upon luck too. I don’t know who the first romantic vampire writer was, but she spawned a lot of bestsellers. Those who write paranormal caught a corner of her luck and hung on for dear life, nipping (ha) at her heels. Right now, I’m trying to catch Anna Campbell’s corner (don’t say that I’m delusional—or at least don’t say it to my face). I’m right into hot Regency Noir with my Morton’s Salt at the ready. Mistress by Midnight is almost half done, and of everything I’ve written, it is my favorite so far. It’s got the Regency version of prom night lust and will end like the Regency Brady Bunch, at least according to the synopsis I had to fake to enter a recent contest.

Publishing: luck or intensive labor? Or both? What disaster has been averted in your life? I’ll share some of mine in the comments. Have you seen my friend’s shirt anywhere?

Ignorance on fire is better than knowledge on ice~my favorite fortune cookie phrase