When my oldest daughter was little, she wanted to be “famous.” I think she saw herself on Days of Our Lives and dating all the New Kids on the Block (Not simultaneously, though. That would be wrong. And can I tell you she plans to see the resurrected New Kids in concert this fall with her sisters? They have their tickets already. Some things never change.). The other day we were commiserating about several celebrities who are in dire need of no more unflattering crotch and cleavage shots. I reminded her of her earlier wish, and she’s pretty happy just as unfamous as she is. And for the record, she wears underwear.

Writers do not have the glamor that movie stars do, but they still have to get out and meet and greet. The Internet has provided a wonderful venue to do so electronically. If you’re a blog-hopper like I am, you keep tripping over authors who are promoting their books. No red carpet or limos required. You can post in your pajamas. Or your underwear. Or not.

Would you like to be rich and famous, your every action recorded by the paparazzi? Are you comfortable meeting strangers? When you’re published, do you dread getting “out there?”

The way you overcome shyness is to become so wrapped up in something that you forget to be afraid. ~Lady Bird Johnson