My friend Terrio has tagged me to “sum it up in six words.” That’s six words to describe myself, my life, my hopes, dreams, etc. When I found out, I used six words immediately: Damn you, Terri, you evil bitch. Getting tagged or being asked to forward something or else the universe will implode brings out the rebel in me. As Captain Hellion might say, “I don’t wanna.” While I pride myself for quick-thinking on my feet in real world situations, my tootsies feel mired in molasses now. How can I find the six perfect words?
But really, Terri has done me a favor. She’s making me think about streamlining something bulky into something short and sweet, or sour as the case may be. I suck at pitching (well, actually, I’ve never tried to pitch but I would suck if I did). Describe Mistress by Midnight in a simple sentence? Uhh….young lovers reunite? Borrring. Fellow Vixen Ely’s good at this high-concept stuff. My Fair Lady meets reality TV works perfectly for her contest-finalling book Take a Chance on Me. Then she does something like Roman Holiday in Africa for Lay All Your Love on Me. I’m going to have to hire her.

I’ve still got nothing for MBM. Romeo and Juliet after a dozen years but no one dies and there’s a secret baby? OMG, I just realized after over 55,000 words I have written a secret baby plot book. Double-damn you, Terri, you evil bitch. Okay, how about Regency Brady Bunch but much darker with lots of sex?

Now that I’ve got MBM pigeon-holed, it’s time for me. Writer believes in love, sometimes self. That will have to do.

Pitch your current project right here. It can’t be any worse than mine. 🙂 And Terri, you know I love you. I even put it in writing!