Some months ago, I made an impassioned plea to myself to forgo Internet time. I want to finish my work in progress (Mistress by Midnight—15,000 words to go!), and now that I actually know what will follow it (Mistress by Mistake, Mistress by Marriage), I’m all kinds of itchy to dive into Trilogyland.

But I’ve discovered YouTube. By a distinctively un-hip route. I’m watching kids’ programming. My nine month old granddaughter Sadie is fascinated by Elmo and the Muppets, so Elmo it is when she comes to visit. This little wiggleworm sits absolutely still in my lap while we watch Andrea Bocelli sing Elmo to sleep, the Goo Goo Dolls turn Slide into Pride about Elmo being ‘furry, proud and red,’ REM bounce to ‘Furry Happy Monsters.’

I’ve watched YouTube clips I’ve stumbled over on blogs before. I’ve seen the kiss from North and South and the Filipino prisoners dancing to Thriller. But now…Michelle Obama on The View? Check. The entire movie Amazing Grace in eleven parts? Check. You know my obsession with Ioan Gruffudd. I discovered the last scene in Great Expectations (just beautiful even if I’ve never seen the whole movie), and even watched him speaking Welsh for eight minutes in a swimming pool and In-N-Out Burger, having absolutely no idea what he was saying. This could be dangerous.

What are you watching on YouTube? Do you watch authors on sites like Romance Novel TV? Are you ready for your close-up?