My oldest daughter thinks I’ve become a recluse. She doesn’t seem to understand when I’m at work, I talk to hundreds of people every day, and in the summer, all I want to do is write and not talk to anybody (except for my husband, kids and their kids…and even then…*g*). But the Other Grandmother, a wonderful woman who shares my joy with Sadie, invited me out to see three published romance writers at her local library, a place with which two of them were amazingly familiar.

Yes, Kensington vampirist Kathy Love and Golden Heart nominated, Harlequin and LBD author Julie Cohen both grew up a few towns over, went to high school together, hung out at the library and now take the romance world by storm. They were joined by debut romantic suspense author Anna Louise Lucia.They made me laugh, answered my obnoxious questions, and gave all the proceeds of the sales of their books to the library. I had my own mini-RWA conference right here in Maine and now have three authors to glom. Their call stories were inspiring. Anna waited eighteen months to hear about her book from a publisher. I’ve only been waiting ten, LOL.

This week the romance world will go simultaneously dark and bright. San Francisco will be the epicenter of light; those of us not there will glumly go about our business in the gloom, living vicariously. My goal is to ‘almost’ finish Mistress by Midnight, when perhaps the Internet distractions will not be so alluring. If you’re going to SF, what do you hope to achieve? If you’re not, what’s your goal this week? Do you want to go to Washington, D.C. next year? What authors have you met/inspire you?