You wonderful regular readers know I’ve been immersed in Mistress by Midnight since early spring. The first draft, all 93,000 words of it, is finished and I am beyond excited! I aimed to stop at 85,000 but something happened…kind of like when we had the perfect family with a boy and girl and then had two more girls. Those extra words are just as precious to me as the last two children—like the kids, they continue to surprise and delight me. Generally my endings are written well in advance, but that didn’t happen this time. I wondered if there would ever be an ending.

In every other manuscript I’ve completed, there has been an element of self-sabotage. Unfaithful heroes? Books One and Two. Metafictional kitchen-sink craziness? Book Three. BDSM unpleasantness? Book Four (known in the Robinson house as “The Bad Book”). But Book Five—hey, I gotta tell you, I love it. Yes, there’s angst, betrayal, pyramids, a secret baby and sheep, but I don’t mind claiming authorship—at least until I go through revisions. We’ll see if I’m still surprised and delighted then.
Maybe the fifth time is the charm.

The YouTube clip shows you what I’ve been using to inspire me. You now have a glimpse into my head (a very scary place to be). Enjoy. What’s in your head this week? Check the post below for other August news!