It’s been a wild week. I am thrilled to announce that Laura Bradford of the Bradford Literary Agency has offered to represent me and Paradise! According to Publishers Marketplace, she’s ranked #2 on their list of top dealmakers in romance fiction. Even after I babbled like a complete, consummate, crazed idiot on the phone for forty-five minutes, she didn’t change her mind. I’ll be doing some tweaking to get it ready. Cross your fingers, toes and eyes.

In other news, I made it through the first revisions of Mistress by Midnight. I also entered it into another contest. I’m 1/3 of the way through Mistress by Mistake, too. (That’s 32,600 words in two weeks.) And I’ve worked on the premise for the ‘Courtesan Court’ trilogy.I’ve actually plotted! Not a lot, but still. *g* I’d have to say the summer was pretty good writing-wise, even if it rained a lot. The weather kept me indoors hunched over a hot keyboard. πŸ˜‰

But one of the best things to happen this past week was to talk on the phone to one of my Vauxhall Vixens critique partners, Elyssa Papa. She and Tiffany Kenzie and J.K. Coi have been so super supportive! (and they put up with my alliteration too) I don’t know what I’d do without them. They even sent me a basket with wine and goodies to celebrate. I told them I’d try to save the wine for when we finally all get together, but I can’t make any promises, LOL. And one bottle won’t be enough anyway. Vixen kisses and hugs all around.

Congratulations to Courtney Milan, who also had a great week. Her first book Proof of Surrender will be published by HQN in the fall of 2009!