School starts today. My days of lounging around in my bathrobe typing or sitting in the garden reading are over. I am actually going to have to get dressed and go back to work, smile at a couple of hundred people every day and try to remember how to do things I’ve forgotten how to do over the summer.

But the most challenging thing will be to keep up the pace of my writing. Lately I’ve gone a little bonkers, writing thousands and thousands of words a day. This is NOT like me, LOL. The other day I got notes from my agent (I’m sorry—I’m officially insufferable. I go around saying “my agent” all day long *g*). There were about 35 pages of Paradise that needed one thing or another— some just a word change, some lengthening of scenes (those would be my short sex scenes, because somewhere, my dead grandmother is blocking my creativity). I wound up adding 5,000 words (and no, they weren’t all sex). Now it’s back to Mistress by Mistake.
Are you writing every day? Do you have set word count goals? Is pesky real life (or your dead grandmother) getting in the way of your creativity? Got any tips for sex scenes?