5:00-6ish A.M.: Hands are numb. Painful. Carpal tunnel alert. Get up. Brush down hair, which looks like I’ve been electrocuted by John in the night. Potty. Pills.

In the kitchen: Boil water for tea. Toast toast. Butter. Honey or jam. Carry this gourmet treat to writing room.

Writing room: Power up the Dell. Check two e-mail accounts. Respond when necessary. Read New York Times, Bangor Daily News and Lewiston Sun Journal online. Depressed now. Check MRMR and Vauxhall Vixens. Romance Writer’s Revenge. Romance Vagabonds. Several other romance/writing blogs. (Hey, Tessa! Originals! Links on sidebar.) Cheer up. Look at weather. Wonder what to wear for work. Read some political sites, which make me grateful I took my blood pressure meds. Pray. Open up Mistress by Mistake. Stare. Read back a few pages. Sometimes type something.

9ish: How the hell did it get so late? Bathe, dress, leave for work by ten.

And these are the first 4 or 5 hours of my day. It takes that long before I’m fit to join the madding crowd.

How do you get yourself started in the morning? When’s your writing time?
I’ll tell you how the sun rose a ribbon at a time. ~Emily Dickinson