I’m wearing my fat pants. After a rainy summer spent indoors on my protuberant posterior writing (and apparently eating) like a fiend, I have discovered the 10s and 12s of yesteryear do not fit. Oh, I can get them on. Barely. The question is, do I want to spend six hours in the library in them, afraid to bend down to put a book on the bottom shelf? Rrrrip.

Coincidentally, my current heroine Charlotte Fallon is on the fluffy side. The painting to the right was my inspiration for her. She’s short and very curvy. Her hero, a frustrated artist, loves nothing better than to get her naked and sketch her. Well, actually, he loves nothing better than to get her naked. The sketching comes after, or before, depending on the scene. I’ve noticed heftier heroines in several books, and I’m so glad. I’ve been fluffy all my life, save for three years in my early twenties when I didn’t ever eat potatoes and weighed 125 for about a week and a half. Pass the home fries, please.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What are your characters’ physical “flaws?” Do you want to smack down those perfect heroines in fiction and RL? Are you currently on a best fat burner diet? Any tips for me? I think Garcinia Cambogia
is a good way to start , right ?