I used to wake up and bounce out of bed with a smile on my face. I still wake up, but my bouncing and smiling days are over. I am such a bitch in the morning. Don’t talk to me. Don’t interrupt me. Let me get my breakfast and leave me the f*** alone. Somewhere below I posted my morning routine, but I neglected to add that my sunny self does not appear until rather late—10:30 A.M. in fact, when I must (wo)man the circulation desk at the high school library. I am sweet as sugar then, because lots of kids need to be smiled at.

My poor husband has only recently discovered he married a BIM (no BO, just Bitch in Morning). Our schedules have changed lately, and he actually gets to see me before I put on my lipstick and my smile. Poor guy, he wants to talk. Fat chance. I want to drink my tea, read my blogs and write.

For the last book in my Courtesan Court Trilogy, Mistress by Marriage, I’ve decided to use my crankiness as a plot point. What happens when opposites DO NOT attract? Nothing good so far. My heroine Caroline has been banished by her husband to live on the most infamous street in London. How they patch up their differences is as yet unknown, as I am a Pantser-Plus. But it’s going to be fun to figure it out, and maybe I’ll learn how to manage my own marriage a little better. (For a sneak peek of the new WIP, you can read the first few paragraphs here.)

Yes, I finished writing Mistress by Mistake yesterday, almost 4 months from the date I started.
93,175 words. D-U-N. Yahoo!

Beauty or Bitch in the A.M.?