I’m not juggling quite so many balls as I used to. No kids at home, no elderly parents to take care of, no 4,000 square foot house to clean. No smelly basset hound, no volunteering. I only work 27 1/2 hours a week, although believe me, it feels like 40+. So why does it seem there aren’t enough hours in the day to do things?
Since it’s a new year, I’m supposed to make New Year’s Resolutions. But when I make them, I always break them. I’m not good at setting limits and goals, and I hate the guilty feeling I get when I fall short of my own expectations. But there is one thing I was determined to do before 2009.
Clean my closet. My seasonal-appropriate clothes are all in the small bedroom I call the Writing Room. (Note the capital letters—it’s where Important Issues are Addressed, as well as where I get dressed every morning.). My desk wasn’t so bad, but the closet—let’s just say I lost my favorite red handbag in there for a year and had to go out and buy another red handbag because every woman should have a red handbag. The initial impetus for the Pre-New Year’s Resolution was to search for the black tank top and the black sweater that I knew was in there somewhere. I won’t bore you with a list of the other stuff I found, but it was an educational experience. So now I’m ready to face the new year, a lot smarter and dressed in black.
What have you been putting off in your own life that you’re determined to tackle in 2009? (My dresser is next, I promise.) How are your writing goals coming along? What’s in your closet? Do you own a red handbag?
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