Those of you who’ve been my cyberfriends for a while know that Third-Rate Romance, that late lamented novel that spent a year (almost to the day) on an editor’s desk (only to be regretfully rejected*), featured a total of five red-headed heroines. (Hmm..perhaps a few heroines too many. But I digress.) My latest project, Mistress by Marriage, mercifully has just one red-headed heroine. As the last in a trilogy featuring a blonde and a brunette, a redhead was obligatory—not to mention reflective of my own three daughters, who look very little alike except for their beautiful smiles.

Redheads are hugely prevalent in romances (hence my choice in the spoof TRR), but did you know they make up only about 2% of Americans? Scotland has the most at 13%. (yay, Jamie Fraser) According to National Geographic, redheads are headed for extinction. Thank goodness for L’Oreal.

I’ve had two forays into the world of coloring my blonde hair red. The first time, right before I got married, it just looked weird. The second time, about fifteen years ago, I had a strong resemblance to Ronald McDonald. The hairdresser who colored my hair on Saturday called me up that night at home and opened up her shop for me on Sunday morning to fix it. I was so stunned when she was done Saturday, I was speechless, but she didn’t miss the look of shock and possibly tears welling in my eyes. So I’ve learned my lesson to admire redheads from afar and in fiction.

Good thing that I have this lovely site to look at them in nineteenth century art. Enjoy!

Do you have any hair disasters to report? Written about a redhead? Any rejections (see below) to share?
*Sorry you had to wait so long and sorry to say no. Third Rate Romance was very clever and often quite funny—I just can’t see how to market it to romance readers, who, as a rule, do not like their beloved genre mocked, except maybe on websites like Smart Bitches Trashy Books or Rip My Bodice. Satire, even one as affectionate and witty as this, has always been a tough sell and it’s tougher than ever these days.

But please keep us in mind for other projects. I like your originality and I like your style. Best of luck.