I woke up the other day—just another morning in Maine. Daughter #2 got us the handy-dandy L.L. Bean weather station which is perched on an old-fashioned oak icebox (very fitting) in the hallway. Without stepping outside and squinting, I could see it was minus 13 F. Daughter #1 got me ice creepers to put on my shoes for Christmas, because one morning I slipped under the car as I was brushing snow off it in my driveway. Daughter #3 put a pumice stone in my Christmas stocking for my dry wintry feet.

Enough. These feet are going barefoot during my school’s February break. All the schools in Maine shut down for a week for the state basketball tournament. Yes, it’s true. And the games are televised. For this old New Yorker, I couldn’t quite comprehend it when my husband told me he’d been on television playing high school basketball a thousand years ago. But I’ve got videotape of Daughter #3 shooting baskets when she captained her high school team, and last year I got to watch my husband make announcements on TV when he served on the Maine Principals’ Association tournament committee. Weird or what?
This year, no one’s playing or announcing, so we’re going to Key West to see Son #1 and Only, and all three girls (and one son-in-law) are sharing a condo with us at the Parrot Key Resort. I’m more than ready to be stunned by the paradisiacal gorgeousness. It will be the first time in over two years that the siblings will all be together. I can’t wait.
Of course, the last time we went to Florida, there was an ice storm which completely screwed up our travel plans. I need you all to keep your fingers and toes crossed for me that Mother Nature behaves herself on the 16th. I don’t care if we get trapped in some airport on the 20th, so you only have to pray for me once.
How do you feel about winter? Where’s your ideal vacation spot? What should I order to drink?
A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking. ~Earl Wilson