I’m still on a vacation high, even if it snowed two feet the other day. Yes. Two feet. But I came home filled with a refreshed zest to write and have knocked out thousands of new words on four different projects (amongst them, more spice to the two Courtesan Court books, which my agent likes. Hurray!). My new hero is haunting me, too. If Paradise had a really tortured heroine, this next book is going to have a really tortured hero.

He’s Scottish. Bad. Bent. Looks like an angel with golden curls and blue eyes. Right now his name is Andrew Rossiter. The Rossiter stays, but I’m not sure about the Andrew. He’s done things he should be ashamed of. Isn’t. But his reformation is right around the corner, aided by an Italian-speaking governess (who isn’t necessarily Italian) named Miss Something Peartree. And that’s all I know so far. I’m kicking titles and names around, and I need help. I’m thinking of Master of Something (to go with the Mistress books). Here’s your chance to name my book and my characters. If I ever get published, you’ll be in the dedication.

Andrew is not quite a drag queen, but he’s crossed a line or two. That’s Daughter #2, who encountered these gentlemen on the street in Key West and had the presence of mind to take the picture. Ah. Memories.