This has nothing to do with romance, but something to do with love. I’m so proud of my youngest daughter. She works for the non-profit organization Citizen Schools as a team leader in their after school program in the Boston area. Like many non-profits, Citizen Schools is feeling the pinch of the economic downturn. Campuses have closed, there have been staff layoffs, and kids are at risk. Employees have been asked to raise money, and I’m providing the link to Abby’s donation page. Don’t worry. You can read her page without money being sucked immediately through the Internet, and find out more about Citizen Schools, too. Any amount, no matter how modest, will be appreciated. Citizen Schools was featured in Time Magazine’s 21 Ways to Serve America. Read Abby’s story and spread the word!
P.S. I told Abby I was going to put up this post, and she thanked me profusely. Then she squealed. “You mean, it’s right above your last post? The one about, um, about…” It’s tough to have a romance writer for a mom, LOL.