The other day was “Find Out What Your Name Means Day.” We celebrate these odd ‘holidays’ in the library. I post a little sign at the circulation desk and add a book if I’ve got one. So that day I brought in 20,001 Names for Baby, which I bought long after I had my four kids. I use it for my heroes and heroines, although mostly they pop up in my head with their nametag already on. My name from the Greek means ‘pearl.’ It is ‘one of the standard female names in the Western world.’ It’s no longer quite so popular, but in my family (on both sides), pretty much everybody was named Margaret, including my mom.

A couple of posts ago, I invited you, my divinely faithful readers, to help me with my next book. Never mind that I still have about 22,000 words to go on the current one. Ding ding ding. We have a winner. Ely suggested Master of Sin for the title, which I love with ever fiber of my pure, pearl-like being. Andrew seems to be sticking as Andrew. In Greek, it means ‘masculine.’ which is interesting as his backstory is complicated. Miss Peartree has yet to find a first name. I suppose she can stay Miss Peartree for an indefinite number of pages until Andrew gets her out of her laces and into bed. At some point she will give him permission to use her Christian name, whatever it is.

My current hero Edward is Old English for ‘wealthy defender,’ which suits him nicely. His heroine Caroline is the feminized version of Old Germanic Carl/Charles, which means ‘man.’ Hmm.

Do you know what your name means? If you don’t, I can look it up for you. 🙂 Do you pick your characters’ names with a nod towards symbolism? What have you named them?
Words have meaning and names have power. ~Author Unknown