Thanks so much to all of you who stopped by to give me your good wishes! You didn’t ask, but I’ll tell my Call Story anyway. *g*
It was April 15, that dreaded day for taxes and tea parties. 🙂 I was at work in the high school library. It was quiet, extremely quiet. Usually I have about 25-30 kids and adults working on projects and using computers until 5 P.M. But when I got The Call, I was down to two teenage girls and one of the custodians, who came to take a break and eat a forbidden snack in our back office. Don’s a really nice guy. We talk philosophy and non-fiction, politics and family. I’d been out sick for three days with bronchitis, and we had a lot of catching up to do. The school and the country really can’t run without us. 😉

Then my cell phone rang. When that happens, I hardly ever answer unless it’s a number I know. I don’t need to pay for a call that tells me the warranty on my car is expired (duh, it’s a 1996 Ford Explorer—I’m surprised the damn thing even starts up in the morning) or that I ‘won’ a cruise if only I’d pay for it. But I recognized the area code of my agent, Laura Bradford. She’d e-mailed me that something might be in the works for Paradise. So I answered, and she talked. Trade paperback. Berkley Heat. 2-book deal. Summer 2010. Some revisions. We were disconnected TWO TIMES, and I was beside myself. Finally on the third connection, which was still all crackly, we agreed she’d call me at home after work. I kept saying, “I’d make more noise, or talk about sex scenes, but I’m in the library.”

When I got off the phone, Don had disappeared. One of the girls—I don’t even know her name—was smiling at me. I told her I’d sold a book, and the girls got excited, more excited than I was, because I felt like I’d been hit by a very large, very yellow school bus. I’m just now picking myself up off the road.

I finished Paradise 3 1/4 books ago, in December 2007. My agent and my editor are more familiar now with it than I am, LOL. So, I’m off to reread, revise and tweak. Now I’m really going to Las Vegas.

And btw, do you know what happens when you type ‘woman’ and ‘phone’ into Google Images? Hello phone sex!