I bet you’ve been checking and checking, saying to yourself, Maggie posts once a week. She’s dependable, like a good bowl of oatmeal with cream and brown sugar and maybe even a pat of butter. Where the heck is she?

I’ve been lounging about like these ladies to the left, sitting on exciting news. Congratulations to Tiffany Chalmers, Vixen Extraordinnaire, on the sale of her exotic, delicious Hidden Beauty! Much better than oatmeal! Tiff is St. Martin’s Press’s (look at all those esses and apostrophes) latest author. We’re pretty excited in the Pleasure Gardens, so drop on by and wish Tiff the best as she begins what will be a long and luscious career.

As for me, I have been madly ripping apart the last seventy-five pages of Paradise (eventually to be re-titled). I said somewhere it’s been like drowning kittens. But when I’m done I hope to have a stronger third act. My perfect hero Hart’s bad boy side is finally showing itself. I always knew he had it in him. *w* My Courtesan Court trilogy is also making the rounds, so synopses had to be written and a few things tweaked. For a day I was working on four books simultaneously and I’m happy to say my head didn’t explode.

What secret have you been keeping? What’s making your head explode? Tell all!