I’ve sent my revisions off and started a new book. A proposal, actually, for the second Berkley Heat book. Berkley Heat is, as the name implies, a hot line, which means I must cast my demure, shy, ladylike with pearls self into the corner. This gives me the opportunity to stretch my boundaries and give cause to my grandmother to spin in her grave. (Actually, now that I think of it, she was in an urn in my father’s basement. Not quite sure where she is now. Oh dear.) I have settled on a seduction theme, although it will be unclear as to who is seducing whom. Paradise-soon-to-be-renamed is rather dark, but Any Wicked Thing/His Last Mistress (can’t decide on a working title) is apt to be lighter. I’ve decided to go all-out and have a devilish duke and a crenellated castle on the Yorkshire moors. We’ll see if my editor likes it or says ho-hum.
For a brief period of time, I considered an 1890s Maine-island-summer-colony-Gibson-girl-tortured artist book, but I worry that the era and location are not what’s expected of historicals. And most everything else I’ve written is late Regency or 1820s England. What’s your favorite historical period to read/write about? Would you pick up a historical that was set in Maine, or anywhere in the United States?

Oh, and thanks to Tiff, I have the perfect Sebastian Goddard, Duke of Roxbury to drool over! Even if his book doesn’t get written, one picture is worth a thousand words. *g* Please advise: Any Wicked Thing or His Last Mistress?