Here I am, just starting out. I should be networking madly, adding to my Facebook and MySpace friends, bloghopping and commenting and supporting other new authors, participating weekly in Snippet Saturday, where author excerpts on shared topics are posted. (the promo brainchild of Lauren Dane of the Bradford Bunch. Yay, Lauren!) Instead of promoting the goodness and wonder that is me, I find myself crafting a proposal, writing, waiting nervously to hear how the revision went, wondering how the Courtesan Court trilogy is fairing, wanting to completely unplug and go underground. Not even wanting to blog, for heaven’s sake! Maybe I’ll rally as time goes by…or when I know the name of the book, LOL. Right now I’m hanging back, trying to balance everything.

For various reasons, D.C. is out this year, though Nashville looks good. But promotion is a daunting thing. I’ve been reading up, and know that I need to go beyond bookmarks. I’ve enjoyed watching Tessa Dare take to the blogwaves and Beverly Kendall craft The Season. My new website will be a start, but I’m open to any suggestions on how to “get out there!” I’m probably going to publish the Berkley books under a brand new name, Maggie Rowan. Still working out the details…so not only do I not know the name of my book, I don’t know mine, either, LOL.

What’s your favorite feature of a writing career? What do you fear? What’s your pen name?