I guess I need to have a professional portrait done pretty soon. I’ve gotten very used to the image that accompanies my Blogger comments, taken almost two years ago on my birthday. It’s cropped from the larger shot, where I’m surrounded by the other Robinson girls in my life. I haven’t had a ‘real’ picture taken since I sold real estate—no more shoulder pads and power suits and big hair, thank you very much. So I’m contemplating what to wear, whether I should get my hair and make-up done by people who know what they’re doing, if I should smile showing teeth or not, LOL. Inside or outdoors? Turtleneck or V-neck? Vaseline on the lens or Photoshop?

Decisions, decisions. Help me make them! What should I shop for? How should I smile? Natural or spackled? Do you pay any attention to author photographs? Whose picture stands out for you? Do you photograph well?

Above is Edward Steichen’s famous portrait of Gloria Swanson. Most of us, however, remember her like this from Sunset Boulevard. Yikes.