There’s been a flutter of activity. My Berkley editor’s assistant has asked for a bio and a book summary, they’re meeting Tuesday with the art department to discuss the cover, and everyone has agreed on the new pen name for my more erotic offerings. You’ve probably noticed already….ta dah! I’m Margaret Rowe! Margaret Rowe sounds like a buttoned-up librarian who goes a little crazy after a Margarita, which would be entirely accurate. Rowe is a family name (my son’s name is Christopher Rowe Robinson). My husband calls me Margaret when we’re fighting (see bio below), which really was the start of it all. So that’s the new me. I’ve registered which will someday be up and running thanks to the genius that is Frauke. Here is the mock-up (not quite finished) for the naughtier me. I’m saving Maggie Robinson for less edgy pursuits (and so I can keep the day job, LOL).

Here’s what I sent Berkley:

Several years ago, I woke up in the middle of the night, really annoyed with my husband. Instead of smothering him with a pillow, I decided to get up and write— to create the perfect man. I’m still married (and reluctantly admit I’m not perfect myself), but have created several pretty perfect heroes since that fateful night. It was time I finally put my English degree from Adelphi University to work.

Until my midnight keyboarding, I’d been a teacher, librarian, newspaper reporter, administrative assistant to two non-profits, community volunteer and mother of four. Now I can call myself a romance writer in Maine. There’s nothing I like better than writing about people who make mistakes, but don’t let the mistakes make them. I’m all about the redemptive power of love—and a good night’s sleep.

I left out Realtor in that long list, but I was one for eight years. I was an Antique and Vintage Properties Manager for a large real estate company in Connecticut. As soon as I got my Realtor’s license, the market tanked. We lost $25,000 ourselves selling our house when we moved. I had deals fall apart at the closing and septic fields rise, waited months for commissions, showed one couple about 100 houses and they didn’t buy anything. So while I do have some happy memories getting a young Coast Guard couple into their first home and selling a charming little red schoolhouse, I tend to block out The Real Estate Years.

What job would you leave out of your bio? What’s your favorite drink? I’m very fond of sangria with tons of fruit. All that Vitamin C, you know. 😉