Paradise, like Maggie, has been rechristened. No holy water was involved, however. *g* With the help of my crit partners and agent, we submitted a list to Berkley. My very favorite of the choices, Tempting Eden was approved. Eden is my heroine’s name, but it works on other levels, too. My tortured heroine will make the transition from hell to her own kind of heaven, thanks to Hart, a man of unusual honor who risks everything when he’s tempted himself.
The contract has been signed and mailed, so each day everything becomes more crystalline. Here’s an interesting paradise quote which works so beautifully for my story courtesy of Laura Bradford:
Ah, to think how thin the veil that lies Between the pain of hell and Paradise. George William Russell

So, what’s your idea of heaven on earth? Sleeping in? Unlimited chocolate? Cute shoes? World peace? Somebody take over now.