I have fallen out of the nest onto my head. Yes, I signed up for Twitter. I’ve updated my MySpace and Facebook pages too, so my social networking has taken flight.

Now, I’m a friendly person in general. Strangers speak to me in grocery store lines and tell me all sorts of things I don’t really want to know. But I really like to keep a low profile. However, I do see the advantages in keeping current with the writing scene. I just have to make sure I’m not too sucked in. I already spent way too much time picking out the background wallpaper, LOL. This is my solemn pledge that I will not tweet on what I ate for lunch or how much my new shoes cost. (Actually, I haven’t even bought any new shoes in a couple of years. Must remedy that. )I shall be judicious and infrequent with those 140 characters.

Are you tweeting? What are you doing with your life? Have you bought new shoes?